State law prohibits billboards within 500 feet of a cemetery. GDOT first denied a billboard near the Macedonia cemetery, but then changed its measurement standard to permit one less than 500 feet from the 2-acre boundary. 


​​​​​The billboard locations are the result of a settlement between the City and billboard operators. The City did not hire an expert experienced in negotiating against billboard companies.

​​​​​​SICk of Digital Billboards?

Questionable actions by decision-makers are eroding the Safety, Integrity and Community character of Johns Creek.

Perhaps most offensive is the blatant disrespect

of an historic cemetery where freed slaves are buried. 

A Georgia Supreme Court ruling holds that billboard companies have the right to erect billboards in Johns Creek, but only in the context of existing law. Pre-existing estrictions on where they can be located are seemingly being disregarded.

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The Macedonia African Methodist Church Cemetery is a rare treasure. A 2-acre parcel was deemed  historic by Fulton County in the 1998.

There could be three more billboards near the State Bridge/Medlock Bridge intersection.